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  • October 14, 2014ABC fails the test of good journalism

    ABC fails the test of good journalism

    Eddy Jokovich

    For pure televisual theatre, it’s hard to go past last week’s episode of Lateline, where the program’s host, Emma Alberici locked horns with prominent Sydney member of Hizb ut-Tahrir, Wassim Doureihi (YouTube clip below, a transcript is also available). But that’s pretty much what it was – theatre – and a..

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    Should Tony Abbott provide evidence to the public that he has renounced his British citizenship?

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      ana stuart: Perhaps Malcolm Fraser, Geoffrey Robinson or Julian Burnside might have the will to get to the truth of this matter. View Post
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      sum1: A FOI request. re his renouncement, shows no such paper exists: View Post
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      Philos: Your article about the PM and his Band of Merry Men show how the reverse is true "You can rob the poor to enrich the well off". You are spot on with your comment that years wasted in opposing the Labor Government with their negativism has left them bereft of any positivism. I just hope many of the unemployed consider applying for their jobs as part of their 20 jobs per month requirement to be eligible for succour. View Post
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      Philos: I was considering the same thing for some time about the concentration of power into the Government's hands. In fact, I was thinking how it appeared to mimic the Egyptian experience with Morsi and the "Brotherhood". Well, we do have an equivalent with several of our LNP leaders being in a "Brotherhood" of a different persuasion. There must be some predilection for a consensus of opinion among like-minded individuals to believe they not only have the right to rule but should have the power as well? View Post
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      Eric Langbrook: I too have noticed the drop not just over the past couple of months but over the past three or four years. Just seems hard for Lateline to attract quality guests as well, so we end up watching second rate journos interviewing second rate guests. View Post