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  • September 7, 2014What is Tony Abbott hiding?

    What is Tony Abbott hiding?

    Eddy Jokovich

    There’s a rather odd case that’s developing in the media and it’s the question of whether the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, is fit to hold office in the Australian Parliament. Before you start thinking, ‘Oh no, not another critique on Tony Abbott’s character’, this is more to do with a technicality and..

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    Should Tony Abbott provide evidence to the public that he has renounced his British citizenship?

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      jason: What is Abbott hiding? More like buying some time to knock up fake papers! View Post
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      Robert Cincotta: "Team Australia" where you don't have to do as you say if your in elected office. Most Australians are fools, including myself, for we all believe that the people we elect will do the right thing by us and this nation, but I would hazard a guess that most of them are lining their pockets at our expense. Tell them "they're dreaming", as Ted Bullpit (Kingswood Country) said many times. View Post
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      The Baker: What's stopping him forging documents? And bribing the right people to vouch for him. Heck, his sins are vast, contempt for everything honourable and accountable to no-one, this minor irritation wouldn't stop the egomaniac in him. View Post
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      Edith Garton: If everything is "above board", then there shouldn't be a problem should there. Me thinks there is something fishy going on here. He's lied about everything else, why should this be any different. View Post
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      John kelly: The tide is growing. Here is another article on the same subject: View Post