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  • June 8, 2014Tony Abbott and an Australian coup

    Tony Abbott and an Australian coup

    Eddy Jokovich

    Much has been mentioned about the military coup in Thailand last month, but there has been a more significant attempted coup, albeit a silence one, closer to home. Yes, an Australian coup. And it’s unlikely to succeed. Since its election in September 2013, the Liberal National Party has implemented the silent coup, displaying all..

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      Jason: Perhaps he received his scholarship the same way his daughter did? Anyway, I believe this man is a sociopath and should have had serious therapy starting in his teenage years. View Post
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      Douglas: Pathological liar Tony Dumb-Dumb deserves to get kicked out on his arse. View Post
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      Sandybonn: Oh! I was rather hoping that our military had seen the light and had decided to support the people of Australia rather than their corporate overlords by actually staging a real coup and chucking this demented crew out on their age speckled big flappy ears. Do we need some people to die of starvation or something? Isn't anyone hearing the warning bells? Something's not right eh. View Post
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      Carolyn Janson: Good summary. Especially glad of the last three words - "if not before". Not happy to be living in a country where this is happening. UnAustralian. View Post
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      Terry Charlton: Rabbott's main objective is to control the media. Other dictatorial leaders knew this was imperative. With Rhino and Murdoch to benefit from the new media legislation and his aim to dismantle the ABC, it is plain to see. The two richest people in this country are the pupetteers and they have a puppet with a wooden brain and an ever increasing nose. The shock jocks are on his side, and so are some right wing journo's. Lets turn them off. Start a campaign to tun off these dispicable self absorbed morons. Can we do this. Is there anyway we can get the message out. A peaceful Ghandi style protest. Turn them off! I'm terminating my Foxtel subscription. View Post
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