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  • February 26, 2014The stop drownings at sea mantra is cloaking a racist agenda

    The stop drownings at sea mantra is cloaking a racist agenda

    Eddy Jokovich

    Boats, boats, boats. That’s pretty much what the Coalition Government put on offer during the 2013 election campaign. Sure, it’s a message that was carefully melded into the carbon tax and Labor leadership chaos but, essentially, the biggest point of Tony Abbott’s political differentiation was ‘stop the..

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      Ron C: Let us not be too harsh on the right wing ranters, they know no different, as their black and white brains have been wired that way since birth. View Post
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      Eelboy: Someone commented recently that voting for Abbott because you don't like Gillard was like eating a shit sandwich because you don't like spinach. Hey Kevin Mc, how do you feel about Abbott's former assistant treasurer paying himself $2,000 an hour with our money? How does that sit with your schtick about "…stopping the waste of money given in handouts to lazy self-serving companies and people…" Kev are you there??? Hello Kev... View Post
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      Sam: With many major outlets for quality journalism being gagged or backed into a corner, quality, informed and opinionated journalism spread through social network is great. It's not that '.. there aren’t enough stupid people in Australia to be receptive to that type of economic simplicity.’ But a comfortable lifestyle has made many Australians lazy. Only when this terrible government bites them on the arse will they be bothered to act. View Post
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      Claire: Thanks for a truthful and insightful article. I am a fence-sitter as far as politics go, I try to look at the policies of each, sift out the Bullshit from both and choose wisely at election time. I find it flabbergasting, still, this far into the game, that such a shallow, dimwitted, dangerous man is now our PM. He has done nothing progressive for Australia yet, but in these short months he and his party have brought international shame through our treatment of refugees, lost our clout regarding the environment and climate change and quickly destroying any hope of being a self sustaining country by the slow agonising death of the last of our manufacturing industries. I don't want to live in pseudo China or America! When our mines closed – and they will – when no one wants to pay for our natural resources, then what? We have no plan B and that scares the shit out of me. Our education system is in the toilet so we can't compete overseas – we are like fat cows to the slaughter and Abbott’s holding the prod. So sad, and scary, I have children and I love my country – how much damage can be done in three years? I think Abbott is set to break a record. View Post
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      Kirsten Tona: Hear hear! Well said, that man. Also: Read this and weep: View Post
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